Equipos y Herramientas Nacionales S.A. De C.V. is a company founded in 1987, targeting the manufacture and repair of equipment for the oil industry, especially drilling tools.

The company has staff at your service with over 20 years experience in manufacturing repairing tool for drilling.


Performing any work activity implies the possibility that during development situations of exposure to risks of various kinds, the consequences can be translated into harm to the life and health of persons occur and damage to the community teams tools and working materials and even own property, in addition to ecological problems and high costs.

International experience shows that appropriate and timely action in risk prevention and control of contingencies favorable impact on the quality of life of people and the improvement of industrial processes.

Having a System Safety Administration has supported us to realize all those involved in preventing and combating potential risk incidents, using general provisions of universal application, that facilitate ongoing consultation by our collaborators..